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Serradura (Bassano) produce portefinestre alzanti scorrevoli, adatte per realizzare ampie pareti vetrate con minimi spessori in legno o in legno alluminio

Lift and Slide

Large glass walls that bring the well-being of natural light into the home

portefinestre scorrevoli in legno con finitura laccata bianca, le ante laterali sono fisse mentre quelle centrali sono scorrevoli

The lift and slide system allows you to create big French windows with minimum bulk and easy opening.

These glazed walls become almost invisible and allow a complete perception of the external environment. They also make the house very bright.




Why choose a lift and slide?

opera artistica professor Cesare Sartori per Serradura serramenti
serramenti e infissi in legno laccato bianco di varie forme
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Discover our lift&slide windows projects

opera artistica professor Cesare Sartori per Serradura serramenti


Imago 92 model wooden sliding patio door cross-section



Lift and slide in wood 

Tekno Zero model wood-aluminium sliding patio door cross-section



Lift and slide in wood-aluminium with concealed leaf

Tekno Minimal model wood-aluminium sliding patio door cross-section



Lift and slide in wood-aluminium with reduced section concealed leaf

Serradura (Bassano) realizza portefinestre scorrevoli interamente in legno o in legno con rivestimento in alluminio, tinta legno o laccati nelle varie colorazioni

 Standard features 

 Wood and structure 

Glulam French window, lift and slide opening, corner joint with wooden pins between mullions and transoms.

 Aluminium cladding

External frame and leaf cladding in welded aluminium (painted RAL and PULVER finish) or crimped (mechanical assembly, DECOR and ANODISED finish), for ZERO and MINIMAL models.


Climatech sill in fiberglass, UNI-V vertical joint between mobile leaf and fixed frame.

 Insulating glass 

Insulating glass with Argon gas and Super Spacer space bar.
Each model has standard glass, but each customer can choose the one that best suits their needs.

 Closing systems 

Complete hardware with front and rear 300 kg trolleys, lock and internal half cylinder, recessed top rail.


N. 2 EPDM seals and upper closing profile completed with a seal mounted on the door.


Internal trim in wood 70x10 mm mounted interlocking and external in aluminium or wood. Predisposition for burglar-proof sensors.



All our doors and windows are made of wood, with high-quality raw materials, aged and naturally seasoned to ensure a better quality of life and a healthy and natural way of living.

We mainly use glulam (laminated wood) from European conifers: pine, fir, larch, oak, ash.

Serradura (Vicenza) utilizza per la realizzazione dei propri serramenti legno lamellare selezionato, nelle essenze abete, pino, larice, rovere, frassino
Serradura supporta i clienti nella scelta dei vetri più adatti che garantiscono prestazioni termiche e acustiche

 Thermal glazing 

Glazing is a fundamental component that greatly influences the performance of a window or door. It is therefore advisable to make a thoughtful choice.

Among the numerous variants existing on the market, our company, based on the experience gained over the years, has identified some combinations that guarantee performance required from the point of view of thermal insulation, in the logic of reducing energy consumption, from the acoustic point of view, and finally from the point of view of user safety.

 Aluminium cladding 

The aluminium profile, applied on the external side of the wood-aluminium window is made of a primary aluminum-magnesium-silicon alloy, a material that has excellent properties: resistance to corrosion, mechanical strength, weldability and aesthetic appeal.

The painting treatment offers complete resistance to atmospheric agents and the most varied conditions of use.

They are available in the following colours: RAL in different colours; DECOR wood type; PULVER (rough finish).

I serramenti in legno alluminio sono caratterizzati da un rivestimento protettivo esterno che riduce al minimo la manutenzione, aumentando invece la durata delle finestre nel tempo
Per la qualità del serramento è fondamentale la ferramenta che garantisce l'apertura e la chiusura delle finestre e delle portefinestre

 Closing mechanisms 

In choosing the hardware, we privileged the values that guarantee product quality and durability: functionality, safety, resistance . 

For the production of our doors and windows, we use AGB hardware, a system capable of combining the guarantee of safety with aesthetic features.


Two seals are mounted on all our windows and doors to allow an airtight seal that improves air permeability, water tightness and acoustic insulation performance.

Furthermore, the seals eliminate the thermal bridges between the leaf and the frame.

Le guarnizioni sono fondamentali per le prestazioni di finestre e portefinestre; per la tenuta all'acqua, la permeabilità all'aria, la trasmittanza termica e l'abbattimento acustico.
Serradura segue i clienti anche nella scelta dei maniglioni per andare incontro ad esigenze funzionali e estetiche


The handles for the lift-and-slide French windows are not only a necessary component for opening, but today they are also a piece of furniture which can be chosen to match the style of the house.


Our company has always sought solutions to make windows last over time, protecting them from atmospheric agents, sun, wind, humidity, sudden changes in temperature, but also from insects and fungi. The choice of paint and painting cycle is in fact fundamental for the quality and durability of the window, without forgetting its aesthetic performance.

Finestre e portefinestre possono essere personalizzati nei colori e nelle finiture, al naturale, nelle tinte legno o con finiture laccate nei vari colori


Mosquito nets protect from insects as part of the window and French door accessories

Mosquito nets

For windows and french windows, with vertical or horizontal openings

Serradura offers aluminium or steel roller shutters, also known as roller blinds, in various colours

Roller shutters

Available in aluminium or steel versions 

Sunshades on windows and French doors protect against light and the sun


Aluminium slat blinds for protection from light and sun

Blinds can be fitted on windows, French doors, sliding doors to protect against light and sunlight


Technical fabric blinds for protection from light and sun

Serradura's shading systems include traditional wooden, wood-stained or lacquered shutters (balconies) in different colours


Traditional wooden or lacquered shutters in various colours

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portoncini in legno di rovere, in tinta legno naturale, con vetrate fisse laterali per permettere l'ingresso della luce in casa

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finestre e portefinestre realizzate in legno con rivestimento esterno in alluminio, connubio tra tradizione e modernità

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