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When choosing locking systems for windows and French doors, we prioritise values that guarantee product quality and durability: functionality, security, strength.

Turn-Only and Tilt & Turn hardware for windows and French doors

Tilt and turn system

​The tilt and turn system allows the door to be opened in the normal position and in the tilt and turn position, thanks to the action of a scissor hinge, to allow ventilation of the premises.

drip tray for windows available with wood cladding
drip tray for windows available in aluminium version

Drip tray

An aluminium drip tray is installed in our windows, equipped with slots for rapid evacuation of micro water infiltrations and has plastic terminals.

The drip tray is available in two standard colours (white RAL 9010, bronze), in a RAL finish on request or with a wood finish.

French doors threshold for thermal break

French doors threshold

The French doors are equipped with a thermal break aluminium threshold in compliance with the requirements relating to the elimination of architectural barriers and with excellent resistance to atmospheric agents (water tightness, air permeability).

French doors can also be fitted with an anti-drain mechanism, i.e. an interlocking, adjustable and draught-proof seal.

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