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Many of our customers are historical: we made windows for the parents and now we are making them for the children. There must be a reason! Our best advertising is word-of-mouth!

Serradura Serramenti Arredamenti ha sede a Solagna (Vicenza), vieni a vedere il nostro stabilimento e a visitare il nostro show room


The Serradura family has always been involved in woodworking since 1920 in the production of doors and windows.


Our windows are characterised by contemporary aesthetics, attention to detail, and an essential and elegant style.


Our technical manager provides advice on the best solutions to meet the needs of each customer.
Our technical department is constantly engaged in the design of customised products down to the smallest detail . 


We guarantee continuous support in the preparation of technical and administrative documentation.
We provide our customers, even after many years, with assistance on the windows we make.


The story of our company begins more than three centuries ago. It is a story made of tradition and resourcefulness, of territory and family, always in the name of wood.

 .    '700

Our branch of the Serradura family was nicknamed “barrel” since the beginning of the 18th century and this suggests that they were carpenters who specialised in the production of wooden barrels for the conservation of wine.

 1920  .  

In 1920, after the traumas of the war,

Giovanni Adamo Serradura opened his own artisan carpentry. He certainly learned the trade from his father or grandfather.

 .    1946

After the Second World War, the company passed to his son Giovanni Battista Maggiorino, known as Maggiorino, who carried out carpentry work for the local people: furniture, windows, barrels and agricultural equipment.

 1976  .  

Three sons of Maggiorino, after various work experiences in Italy and abroad, decided to join forces and re-found their father's company, specialising in the production of wooden doors and windows. In 1976 they founded F.lli Serradura Serramenti Arredamenti snc.

 .    2000

Today, about thirty years later, the baton has passed to Rinaldo's children, Gianna and Fabio, one with administrative skills and the other with technical expertise; two close-knit siblings, proudly running the family business, ready to face the challenges of the future even beyond national borders.

How we work

Our production plant, located at the foot of Mount Grappa, includes 3,000 m2 of laboratory, where the production of door and window frames takes place, and 5,000 m2 of open space used in part as a timber warehouse. The same location includes the show room and an area used for administrative, commercial and technical offices.

 1  Design 

Starting from our standard models, tested and improved over the years, we design tailor-made doors and windows for each customer, adapted down to the smallest detail to technical and aesthetic needs.

 2  Production  

Our windows and doors are made entirely in our production plant, using materials and components purchased from qualified suppliers.

 3  Installation  

The last but essential stage of production to ensure that performance is maintained is installation, done by qualified installers and in accordance with standardised instructions.

 4  Assistance  

In addition to the normal legal guarantee, we are always available to provide our customers with support and assistance for the functional and aesthetic maintenance of windows and doors and for the resolution of any problems.

What we do

Modern technologies and craftsmanship enable us to create high quality products, destined to last over time. Our production includes windows, lift and slide, wooden entrance doors and armoured entrance doors - and interior doors, as well as a whole series of accessories such as shutters, technical blinds, sunshades, roller shutters, mosquito nets.

La forza dell'azienda Serradura è la sua squadra di collaboratori nei diversi settori


Our strength is the service: thanks to a team of close-knit collaborators, technicians and salesmen, we offer customers professional advice and assistance starting from the choice of the most suitable doors and windows for their needs up to the professional installation. 
We are always ready to satisfy all requests with enthusiasm and competence.

Vieni a trovarci a Solagna (Vicenza): nel nostro show room troverai un'ampia gamma di finestre e portefinestre esposte e ambientate

Show Room

Customers are invited to visit our showroom to touch and verify the functionality of our products. This is not a simple window display, but a technical area set up in about 300 m2, where you can check the characteristics and performance of various models, and a large living room where we have recreated some settings so that customers can imagine their home.  

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