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How We Work

Our production plant, located at the foot of Mount Grappa, includes 3,000 m2 of laboratory, where the production of doors and windows takes place, and 5,000 m2 of open space used in part as a timber warehouse. The same location includes the show room and an area used for administrative, commercial and technical offices.

 1  Design 

Starting from our standard models, tested and improved over the years, we design tailor-made doors and windows for each customer, adapted down to the smallest detail to technical and aesthetic needs.

 2  Production 

Our windows and doors are made entirely within our production plant, using selected materials and components, purchased from qualified suppliers.

 3  Installation 

The last but essential stage of production to ensure that performance is maintained is installation, done by qualified installers and in accordance with standardised instructions.

 4  Assistance 

In addition to the normal guarantee by law, we are always available to provide our customers with support and assistance for the functional and aesthetic maintenance of windows and doors and for the resolution of any problems.



Our added value: every window is different and custom designed for each client.

Il nostro responsabile tecnico segue personalmente i clienti fin dalla fase di rilievo misure, importante e critica per la qualità delle nostre finestre e portefinestre

Measured surveys

Our technical manager personally goes to the construction site to take measurements, assessing the actual needs and proposing the best solutions.

Ogni serramento viene sviluppato dal nostro ufficio tecnico su misura in base alle esigenze del cliente

Development of orders

Starting from the measured surveys and discussing with the technical manager, the technical office staff develops the order, preparing the sheets to be delivered to the production staff.

 2  Production

La selezione del legno è una fase importante per la buona riuscita dei nostri serramenti in legno e in legno alluminio. Serradura è da generazioni nel settore del legno e mette la sua esperienza a disposizione dei suoi clienti.

Wood selection

The first phase of production consists in selecting the wood according to the customer's requests, ensuring that the wood is of good quality and there are no surface imperfections.

For the realisation of our windows, we use craftsmanship combined with

the most modern computer and technological equipment.

Serradura è attenta alle evoluzioni tecnologiche e mette a disposizione dei propri operatori attrezzature per la lavorazione del legno innovative e automatizzate


The realisation of the wood components is done through numerically controlled machining centres, with software on board the machine interfaced with the technical department, manned by operators who control the machined pieces.

Le finiture proposte da Serradura (Solagna - Vicenza) sono attente alla durabilità e all'estetica delle finestre e delle portefinestre


The choice of the paint and the painting cycle is fundamental for the quality and duration of the window frame. Our company uses water-based or catalysed paints according to requests and needs, in standard or customised colours according to sample.

Nel laboratorio di Serradura a Solagna (Bassano - Vicenza) alcune lavorazioni sono manuali, realizzate da operatori esperti e attenti.


Some processing steps (assembly, hardware assembly and sanding) are still carried out manually by operators who simultaneously carry out a visual check on the quality of the workmanship and the installed components.

Alcune lavorazioni manuali realizzate dagli operatori di Serradura (Bassano) garantiscono controlli continui e qualità delle finestre e delle portefinestre realizzate.

Quality check

Before delivery to the construction site, each single window is subjected to a thorough quality control to check for any defects or imperfections.

 3  Installation

Trained and qualified installers carry out the installation of the windows,

ensuring control of the slightest details.

La posa in opera viene realizzata con materiali selezionati per migliorare  le prestazioni dei serramenti

Materials for installation

To achieve a correct installation of the doors and windows, we selected a series of products - tapes, films and sealants - capable of guaranteeing thermal and acoustic insulation and protection from water infiltration.

posa in opera
I posatori che installano i serramenti per Serradura (Vicenza) sono qualificati e esperti; questo garantisce che il prodotto mantenga le sue prestazioni

Qualified installers

The installation of the doors and windows is carried out by specialised and trained installers, in compliance with standardised installation manuals.

The quality of a window or door is important, but in order to last over time, the installation must be carried out correctly and according to the best standards.

 4  After-sales assistance

We do not abandon our customers. On the contrary, we guarantee support and assistance

even after the delivery of the windows.

Assistenza post vendita
Serradura segue i sui clienti anche dopo la consegna per assistenza e supporto tecnico

Services after delivery

We believe that the seriousness of a company is also valued in the services it guarantees after delivery. Therefore, through a direct line with our customers, we provide assistance for after-sales needs with rapid intervention and qualified technicians.

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